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Hello, my name is Traci Johnson. I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with Bachelor and Master degrees in Music Education. After six years of teaching multiple subjects (Music, English, and ESL) in several countries, my experiences led me to pursue work in Instructional Design.

During my tenure as a teacher, I actively developed and designed my own lessons, curriculum, and technological materials using a variety of software applications and learning platforms. My passion now lies in developing, designing, and implementing learning material for those who need it. As such, I am currently completing several courses from IDOL courses Academy while actively working as an Instructional Design Specialist for the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), located at the University of Southern Mississippi. I desire to learn and grow as an instructional designer and actively seek opportunities in which to apply my skill set.

Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to reach out and connect!

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Who I Am

empathetic, kind, caring, altruistic, patient, welcoming, humble

questioner, discover, researcher, open-minded, analytical

discoverer, adventurer, explorer, daring, embracing, present

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Outside of Work

My Hobbies

When not working, I enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities, including reading, art and crafts, traveling, scuba-diving, salsa-dancing, jiu jitsu, volleyball, bike-riding, and playing with my two dogs!

Pictured: Travels to Paris and Egypt and my adorable puppies!